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The world is a vast and wonderful place just waiting to be explored. But, if you’re a traveler, it can be hard to find the most worthwhile experiences on your own. However, gaining access to an expert can be an equally daunting feat — one that can be simplified tremendously through the Lyfx on-demand adventure app. You can think of this service like a social network, except instead of connecting people for friendship, business, or dating, it pairs local outdoor experts with travelers seeking adventure. The idea is that newcomers to any given place will be more equipped to experience the best that destination has to offer if their guide is, in fact, an area native. But it’s also deeper than that — users can look for the perfect guide based on their interests, as well as post and read user reviews. It doesn’t hurt, either, that the app itself is gorgeously designed and easy to navigate. Best of all, the whole thing is free. - Via Sean Tirman, HiConsumption


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