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In what’s shaping up to be the first major holiday party season in a while, gifting a favourite coworker or needing something for the office party can be a daunting task. Here are some oh-so-excellent suggestions.

SEEK INPUT AND PLAN EARLY: Plan early. Plan early. Plan early. Seek input to get an idea of what they would want. Ultimately, you are celebrating them so their opinion is one of the most helpful things to consider straight away. Not only will this take the pressure off of you, but it will also alleviate any last-minute hiccups. Make that decision, and commit to it. Look forward to it.

TAKE IT SERIOUSLY: Colleague gifts are important because they mean A LOT to your coworkers, whether you’re offering something practical, something personalized, or something edible. Treat your gifting as an obligation and it will show; have fun and the joy will shine through.

GET CREATIVE WITHIN YOUR BUDGET: You don’t need to blow your budget to go all out this year. You just need to roll up your sleeves and get a little creative.

MAKE YOUR GIFT CHOICE A GOOD ONE: You’ve been enlisted into a secret Santa exchange, but where do you start? Especially if you barely know the person. Secret Santa gift ideas should always be functional, stylish, and please almost anyone.

FEEL BLESSED, NEVER STRESSED: If you’re stressing over what to get them, don’t worry. There are a lot of fun gifts for coworkers that are perfect for any work-related celebration, whether it be the holidays, starting a new job, or just saying "I appreciate you". And don’t worry about budget—there are plenty of inexpensive gifts you can gift to everyone in the office.



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