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With a fiercely passionate personality about Lifestyles and Products for Men (and sometimes Women and Children), I'm an accomplished Content Writer, Producer and Host of Award-winning Alternative and Digital Programming-- a complete Multipotentialite.  I've compiled extensive production credits on Media Networks owned by NBC, AMC, FOX, DISCOVERY and YAHOO. And as of late, I've produced Sponsored Content for Retail Partners like LG, CANON, ENERGIZER, WALMART, and SEARS— just to name a few.  I love to discover and share brands’ reinventions and their newest engagements.  As a Cultural Curator, I constantly aim to stay one step ahead of the proverbial curve. Researching and gathering ”what’s hot,” “what’s #trending,” and “what’s happening right now” (or even about to) keeps my attention and fuels my ability to share the latest News, Trends and Content incessantly.

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