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Where will the guys in your life land on the “Naughty or Nice List” this year? Cool gifts give the males in your world some much-deserved attention (and thoughtfulness). Whether it’s for the young or the young-at-heart, gift something any and every guy in the family will love.


The best gifts for guys are what you call the three Ps: practical, problem-solving, or playful.


Are there items that will help him enjoy his hobbies or perform better at work? Does he want to try to take his hobby in a new direction, and is there something that facilitates that shift? MEN DON'T NEED SURPRISES

Instead of wasting time planning an elaborate surprise or spending months knitting him the ultimate sweater, think about what he really needs. Sure, he’ll appreciate your kindness, but he might not appreciate it the same way that you would appreciate it if he crocheted a scarf for you. DON'T OVERTHINK IT, SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE

Guys are pretty straightforward when it comes to what they want and need. They are probably not going to analyze your gifts in the same way that you deconstruct the meanings behind the things he gives to you. You don’t have to spend months making a collage of your life together (unless he has expressed that he really wants that). OBSERVE WHAT THEY LIKE TO BUY FOR THEMSELVES

If your guy buys video games on a regular basis, then get him something related to gaming. When a man makes a financial investment in his hobbies, you can guarantee that he’ll appreciate a present related to them.



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