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Making memories is best done during the Summer.

The best way to enjoy the sunshine this season is to get outside, explore, and partake in novel activities. Enhance your holiday celebrations with practical, significant, unique, and just amazing things. And others could contend that combining them all makes for the ideal present. In any event, if you're looking to buy something that has a particular wow factor, buckle up.

PRIORITIZE SELF-CARE: It's one more thing to add to your list, but washing up before bed keeps your skin healthy. If you let the day's accumula­tion of pollution, grease and oil bake in overnight, you deny your skin a clean slate to work its restoring and renewing magic. MAKE A SPLASH: Water and summer are like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce — good on their own but better together. Choose the most inviting body of water — lakes, rivers, pools, or even the shower. Spend some time refreshing and renewing your spirit for Summer, like a baptism in the sea. EAT WELL: This season, choose foods full of nutrients to nourish your body. Also, summer is a great time to add more fruits and veggies. Barbecue, anyone? As always, prioritize protein-dense foods, as they will keep you satiated for longer...

CHANNEL YOUR INNER CHILD: Your interests have probably evolved since you were a youngster, but that doesn't mean what you did as a kid isn't a blast. So invoke your inner 7-year-old, whip out the old credit card and hit the nearest toy store to buy a stash of merchandise such as action figures, building sets, toy cars, or dolls that might typically be considered "for kids" and will get you back to collecting priceless pieces that you've always been passionate about. BE A TOURIST IN YOUR TOWN: design a custom tour based on your interests. Love local food? Spend a few weekends visiting your city's farmers' markets. Coffee enthusiast? Tour the area's artisan coffeehouses. Bike geek? Tour the local parks and byways on two wheels. GO [SOMEWHERE] FURTHER AND NEW: Treat the summer like a lost Gap Year and travel as much as possible. Make it 100 days filled with travel, eating, moving around, and learning about regions outside your area, province or country that you've wanted to see and sense but have never gotten around to. The list of destinations you could visit is infinite, or keep it spontaneous, especially around long weekends.


A JACK BLACK skincare set is a simple, failsafe kit that's easy to use-- a travel or gift set someone can use repeatedly.

You might not think of it, but an enhanced MOEN shower makes all the difference in feeling slightly more luxurious-- it really is the little things.

Let's face it; everything tastes better cooked over wood, thanks to TRAEGER GRILLS and MEATER THERMOMETERS. Feel like a chef. Eat like a king or queen.

Collecting HOT WHEELS, it's a fun way to celebrate your passion for all things automotive.

Venture the city on HONDA's Navi Monimoto motorcycle, made for beginners or even the pros.

Go outside and go further in the next generation of the GMC's ultimate Yukon Denali SUV.



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