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Spending so much time at home this year has really gotten us to focus on making small moments more special. Movie nights are no longer just a thing to pass the time. A festive and glam private screening with cinema-style snacks is sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Who can forget when they went to see a Holiday movie on the big screen for the first time. As a Home Theatre fanatic and Cinema Connoisseur I want to help you with the Holiday Movie experience in your home with some fun essentials. So deck the halls, crank up the volume to 11 and pass the popcorn – Yippy Ki Yay, it’s Holiday Movie Night!

DECK THE HALLS AND STYLE YOUR HOME: Create and add holiday invitations, posters, banners or stickers, as part of an Arts and Crafts activity, before the big show.

UPGRADE YOUR POPCORN: What's a holiday movie night without popcorn? Treat yourself, your family, and your guests to something delicious. Set up a Bar Cart with a little popcorn and other treats, with all the fun fixings from sweet to savory.

ADD A HOLIDAY BEVERAGE BAR: Since you’re eating and drinking from home, feel free to upgrade your beverages with signature or experimental drinks— whatever your heart desires for the big flick.

MOVIE NIGHT PRE-SHOW GAME: Keep guests engaged with a holiday movie activity or game. Decide when to start and what movie(s) will be playing during the rules, and prizes before the movie.

MAKE A MOVIE SELECTION FOR EVERYONE:  Ensure that the movie selected has Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, and a bit of Fantasy. And watch everything— keeps you in the spirit!



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