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On a recent Press Trip to travel around the Quebec City region and along the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, I had the opportunity to experience the all-new Lincoln Aviator— a 7-seater, 400hp SUV that easily competes with Volvo’s XC90, Infiniti's QX60, and Land Rover’s Discovery. What you need to know is that starting from $69k, the Aviator really does afford an interior sanctuary that isn't easily replicable. Adorned with premium leather, chrome accents, state-to-the-art tech, and cabin room that offers complete comfort, its hard not to enjoy the roaming once on board. And getting into the ride is easier than ever as your phone can be used for passenger entry and cycling the engine. Furthermore, air-glide suspension lower the vehicle for boarding and loading luggage-- all you have to do is enjoy your position as either Pilot or Passenger. And either way, the comfort of superior cabin noise reduction, 28 Revel speakers for the perfect sound of music, Active Motion massaging front seats, just make everything better alike a Spa on wheels. But don't be fooled by all the aforementioned amenities-- this beast can take the tough route. While on the tour, my co-pilot and I found some dusty, gravel roads that made the trip that(!) much better. While I set the Drive Mode into the Excite stance, the onboard A.I. quickly switched over to Slippery, offering the necessary traction to play with caution. Furthermore because of the vehicle's Co-Pilot360 Plus driving assistance and safety features --affording additional control, and assurance-- this part of the adventure did elevate my faith in the Aviator's ability to fly through dust and more.

Getting out of the vehicle after that was hard enough as both a pilot and a passenger but the team at Lincoln Canada created a program that was genuinely cultural and memorable. While testing the Aviator from Quebec City, PQ to Baie Sainte-Catherine and back, accommodations included the Fairmont’s Le Chateau Frontenac and Le Manor Richelieu — both classic in decor with modern touches and perfectly timeless for the occasion. Food along the way was more than delightful with unforgettable dinner parties hosted by La Malbaie's Vices Versa, Auberge La Goéliche, and the amazing 11-plate service at Laurie Raphael. Did I mention, I also had a taste of Australian Emu courtesy of a visit to the Centre de l’Émeu de Charlevoix? It wasn’t my first taste of a big bird (African Ostrich in 2011) but it was certainly an experience. While the Emus had some of my attention, there was nothing more awe-inspiring than witnessing a collection of Grey Seals, Beluga Whales, and Humpback Whales during an aquatic adventure. If anything, the only reason to leave the driver’s seat of a Lincoln Aviator is to eat, take in the wilderness, and get a change of perspective. And don’t forget to share the experience— plenty of room for family and friends, always.

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