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Hot tubs are a serious investment. And their permanent nature and expensive price tag deter many would-be buyers from actually investing. While this is not unreasonable, there are other options out there that are more user-friendly and less permanent, like the Coleman Lay-Z Spa for example.

The Coleman is an inflatable hot tub that comfortably seats up to four individuals. You can digitally control the pump and temperature, which tops out at 104 degrees, thanks to the soft touch control panel on the tub as well. When empty, the spa weighs in at a modest 70 pounds, making it easy for two people to transport the hot tub to an ideal location in the backyard. It also boasts 120 bubble jets, is made from a fabric-coated material, and requires little maintenance due to the two easily replaceable filter cartridges that keep your spa water refreshing each and every time. Use it to relax after work, ease any soreness after a workout, or as a party favor during a late summer barbecue. The Coleman is available now and retails for $380.


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