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Singer Vehicle Design are dedicated to the passionate study, preservation and optimization of the iconic Porsche 911. Their latest masterpiece is the Porsche Singer DLS Goodwood, the final result of some serious thought and engineering put in the optimization of the most iconic model in automotive industry. So the result is you get a whopping 500 HP, air cooled at the back, on a lightweight body with carbon fiber everywhere plus top notch metals such as magnesium, titanium and aluminum, totalling a weight of only around 2200 lbs. This will combine in mind blowing performance but that’s not all, this beast has a quality build and attention to detail that only hypersport cars get, all is handmade with extreme craftsmanship. Only 75 units will be available but they’re sure to go fast because the end result is priceless.  

- Via Bless This Stuff


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