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As a Content Creator, an issue that's been bothering me over the last little is having to switch between using my smartphone and my DSLR camera to capture content. While both serve their purposes and have a mix of advantages and flaws, the lines between the two are beginning to blur. I'm constantly wishing that one was as good as the other, in certain circumstances.

While I adore the features and picture qualities of my Canon M5 mirrorless camera, sometimes I wish that it was more compact with its celebrated tools and more. Even with my mild adoration of my smartphone, I wish that it had better photography capabilities and more impressive picture quality so that when uploading images to social media, they would look as good as the shots were taken from my $3,000 DSLR camera or the images of my colleagues, sometimes working on the same project.

I think the solution to my nagging issue has just arrived and it also feels like it's about making the right changes at the right time. Not only am I feeling a personal evolution in my work but I like the fact that I might be feeling a tactical solution in the tools and toys I keep to tell stories with, mainly in still images and accompanying video content.

Today Huawei drops the new P20 Lite and P20 Pro Series of smartphones. And what the Chinese brand has decided to do is focus on the impact and technology of the camera, which seems to be the current Space Race of Smartphones-- "who's got the better camera, first?" And while other apps and tech in smartphones have become almost perfect or partially obsolete, the camera is still the biggest desired improvement amongst users. And getting that right is important to Huawei.

The new P20 phones boast fantastic improvements in technology including AI. But what I'm really attracted to is the Pro model for it features the world’s first triple-lens Leica camera, offering high-quality photos. It is powered by AI, offers 5x hybrid zoom and image stabilization. What more? The Huawei Supercharge offers a day's worth of battery with only a 30-minute charge-- bingo! More juice. And with the Kirin 970 chipset, the user experience is fast and smooth for the ultimate performance, which is exactly what I am looking for. So, if I purchase this new and improved smartphone for its camera capabilities, what happens to my big shiny yet compact Canon DSLR? Does it take a backseat to this Innovative and advanced "cameraphone"? I wouldn't think so. The traditional tools of my specific trade still require some of the old ways but I'm always open to 'new and now' when it comes to the products that move me and my art, forward, always.


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