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The fictional Manhattan Upper West Side apartment where the character of “Seinfeld” lived for nine seasons served as the site for so many conversations about nothing between Jerry and Elaine, George, Kramer and other acquaintances.

This famous apartment is probably one of the most recognizable sets in TV history. If you are a serious Seinfeld fan, you can own a miniature replica of the NYC apartment. Seinfeld’s production designer Tho. E. Azzari collaborated with Warner Brothers to recreate this set. As longtime fans of the show will notice, Azzari paid an incredible amount of attention to detail with this tiny replica. He used Polaroids, sketches and his color swatches to make sure that this model is very similar to the original set.

Outfitted with everything from the working apartment door to the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” poster, this replica stays faithful to the original set and includes more than 100 unique replica items. Fans will notice many familiar items, such as the hanging bicycle, lighting fixtures, bookshelf, computer workstation and even the plates and coffee cups in the cupboards. Each set is hand-painted using distressed paint for the ultimate authenticity. The replica also includes a real piece of wood from the original door used in the real set and a collector’s commemorative card that is hand-numbered.

You might want to hurry if you want to get one of these sets to display proudly in your pad. Warner Brothers has said that they plan to produce just 5,000 of these made-to-order replicas. $399


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