Even without the OJ Simpson high-speed chase taken into account, the Bronco is an iconic SUV. Unfortunately, time has not been entirely kind to these classic vehicles, making them so few and far-between nowadays. That is, at least in regards to ones that are in halfway decent working condition. Fortunately we can rely on the geniuses at firms like Velocity Restorations to breathe life back into some of these exemplary beasts, like this ground-up rebuild of a 1976 Ford Bronco.

Literally every system and part of this vintage model truck has been rebuilt and/or replaced. Yet, at its heart, this SUV is as much a classic as the next. Beneath the candy apple red paint job sits a coilover suspension and a 100% brand-spanking-new 5.0 liter V8 Ti-VCT Coyote engine. What Velocity Restorations has done here is craft a gorgeous vintage facade that’s wrapped around dependable, new, modern tech. This is a melding of the past and the present at its best. And it can be yours for $159,000.


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