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We can’t be the only ones who dreamed about having a fully functional super suit. In fact, we know we’re not. Julian Checkley, the founder of Order 66 Creature and Effects was just recently dubbed the record holder for the most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit by the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Julian knows a thing or two about sculpting realistic costumes. Since he was just a kid he has been obsessed with different comic book and movie characters, so much so in fact he was able to turn that passion into a profession. Now the owner of his own business, his sculpting and special effects work has appeared in movies like the new Star Wars. In his down time, Julian apparently decided he’d build out a bat suit based on the one in the Batman: Arkham Origins video game. It features 23 functioning gadgets, and is made out of 3D printed and molded flexible urethane rubber. Some of the gadgets in his tool kit include a grapnel gun, UV lamp, bat respirator, flash bang, smoke grenades, and our favorite – a bat flask. Julian even worked with an electrical engineer to incorporate a 2000watt EMP Stun Gun. Learn more about the amazing suit in the video below.


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