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We write a lot about camping equipment at Man of Many, and rightly so; the adventurous pastime is a treasure-trove of cool gadgets, reliable wares and innovation that speaks volumes to the geographical frontiersmen in all of us. Camping is an acquired taste, involves some expense and investment, and is often an un-glamorous, involved escape that tests the limits of a man’s patience, and possibly the part enjoyed the least (by most) is the key task of actually having to pitch a tent. Selecting a suitable site, putting the whole thing together, securing it and then filling it with everything you need is probably the last thing you want to do after a day behind the wheel of your 4×4, only to take it all back down the next day and pack it up.

Ikamper, a US based company dedicated solely to making your life as a nomad that little bit better, have made this excellent roof-top tent, that pops out from the top of your ride and folds cleverly away again, offering a safe and comfortable place to sleep whilst giving you more time to enjoy your surrounds. At $2950 USD, it’s not your average swag, but for the dedicated outdoorsman it’s a sound choice and definitely one of the best ways to spend a night under the stars that we can think of.


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