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Leave it to an Australian company to figure out a way to make beer at home with less hassle than ever before. Introducing the BrewArt System from Coopers, an eight-years-in-the-making machine that takes a purely modern approach to the craft of home brewing. We see the potential for a revolution here, folks.

The BrewArt System couldn’t come at a better time. After all, we live in the age of micro-brews and DIY craft so why not combine the two while taking away a heap of time and space and mess in the process? Here’s how the machine works: you order it online in a few separate components–the BeerDroid and Kegging Pack for the brewing and the BrewFlo for the storing, cooling and dispensing. You can order the ingredients directly via your app based on what kind of beer you want–keep it simple by going with a classic style like European Pilsner or mix things up by choosing among 3000 customized beers.

Load up the BeerDroid and allow 5-15 days for fermentation and then two weeks for carbonation. Check your app for updates whereas the BrewArt System will provide notifications as your beer reaches various stages of delicious development. When the beer is ready, transfer it to the BrewFlo, cool it and then pour it at home with the same level of convenience delivered by an espresso machine.

This is true DIY philosophy redefined for the modern era, meaning less hassle and less time with the same exceptional results. The app is so handy that beyond getting updates you can do things like manage inventory and restock on ingredients. The BrewArt is available to order through Harvey Norman in Australia and will hit the USA later this year. Get brewing, people!


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