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Life on the East Coast always comes with a hard hit of Winter. And for some people, they love it while others hate it. And for sneakerheads, it's straight-up annoying to have to hibernate your finest footwear in trade for waterproof boots while real fanatics have a disposalble pair of Nike Dunks that act as Sorels. But what if you could still roll in a set of high-tops that can brave bad weather while delivering perfect style, for the 3-4 months snow, rain and sleet. Vans has the latest answer to getting your kicks even when Old Man Winter shows his muggy face.

As part of the California company’s Mountain Edition of footwear and apparel, classic hi-cut and low-cut models outfited with warm lining and heat retention layers are now available in a variety of prints and styles. There’s even a unisex pair that mirrors the classic Timberland workboot. Plus the soles on all models have bite, with increased grip and traction. Although these new sneakers are not a replacement for the classic boot made for ice storms, they certainly take away the clunkiness and chill of walking on days with light dustings and cooler degrees.

While this isn’t the first time Vans has delivered insulated footwear, perhaps its Design squad realized that East Coast sneaker pimps want to wear their Sk8-hi’s year-round too, just like their counterparts in the West.


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