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If you’re the family’s Photo Collector, you’ve probably allowed overstuffed boxes and albums of pictures to go unchecked over the years, and now they’re collecting dust in your basement or closet. Having a Scanning Party with the right food, beverages, and good company is a great way to find those boxes of old photos before they disintegrate and give them new life. And with the help of a few devices and tips, new memories can be made and old ones can be uncovered for all in the family to see, while you sip, eat, scan, and smile.

Relive, Laugh, Cry: Now is an opportune time to have a photo-scanning party. Gather friends and/or family, some popcorn, wine, and cheese, turn up some music, and work your way through those old shoeboxes to begin the trip down memory lane.

Choose The Right Scanner: For the highest quality digital photos, you’ll want to use a dedicated photo scanner to digitize photos. Many different photo scanners are on the market with varying price points and capabilities. A high-quality scanner is a worthwhile investment for your home or office, and most are fairly affordable.

Safeguard Your Irreplaceable Media: Your family's legacy isn't just at risk of natural disasters, like fires or floods. Every day videotapes and photos are slowly fading away, decaying, and neglected in closets and attics. Digitizing and storing your old media stops the fading and preserves your recordings so they're safe forever.

Disaster-Proof Your Past: Every year countless memories caught on video and printed photos are lost to floods, fires, storms, and decay. Don't wait until it's too late - save your irreplaceable memories from being lost forever.

Let Go and Keep Going: Because we tend to hold onto sentimental items, we struggle to keep our collection of stuff organized, and we often need moral support to get through a daunting task. Having a party sounds way more fun, than doing another chore right? Certainly more fun than sitting alone and tackling a to-do item called “digitize old photos.”


Create lasting memories with digital montages or scrapbooks, share with friends and family, or store them on a computer or to your current cloud service with the help of the CANON RS40 scanner.

The sooner you digitize your photos and site the can the WD MY CLOUD HOME storage drive, the sooner you can share them online, get them reprinted, and have the peace of mind that those memories and moments won’t disappear.

In the age of smartphone cameras and disappearing social media posts, something about a physical, tangible photograph just feels so much more meaningful these days, and with the help of new DURACELL OPTIMUM batteries with POWER BOOST ingredients, catching moments on instant film and making memories last longer.

Do we really need to give a night full of good food, fine beverages, and good company a justification? Sip some of your favourite beverages throughout the night or bring a gift for the hosts such as BISQUIT & DUBOUCHE'S VSOP cognac.



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