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Our home offices have now become everything to us – workplace, restaurant, screening room, gaming center, maybe a gym, and even a shipping & receiving area. But from all this heavy usage, one thing remains constant--- waste and the need for maintenance. Here's a cavalcade of great ideas and innovative recommendations that will help renew daily work regimes and refresh any workspace, while keeping the Environment, top of mind.

Start your day with a Morning Routine that is Sustainable

When it comes to the Morning Routine, creating a sustainable habit might seem challenging but there are some simple ways to do better like reducing your water usage, using natural ingredients whenever possible, choosing products with eco-friendly packaging, recycling or re-using your skincare product containers and find environmentally-friendly alternatives for everyday items. Luckily, with so many brands and consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, the journey to a more sustainable lifestyle is no longer daunting as it used to be.

Purchase Sustainable Office Supplies

There are plenty of office supplies that are made with reused/recycled materials. In general, these items produce less energy waste during manufacturing and are better for the environment. Whether you’re looking for zero-waste packaging, repurposed supplies, or new supplies made from organic materials, there are a wide array of brands out there that are dedicated to helping people reduce their carbon footprint.

Organize your old electronics

As you accumulate e-waste materials, place them in a box. When the box gets full, take the materials to your local e-waste facility. If you aren’t sure if an item is considered e-waste, place it in the box anyway. When you are ready to go to the recycling facility, call them ahead of time and let them know what you’ve collected. They will advise you on the best way to dispose of those items responsibly.


If you think that your device is totally unusable, you can always take it to an electronics recycling center. Even if the device no longer works well, there could be individual components that are still functional. No matter how many components have failed or are failing, there are still ways you can reuse old electronic devices. When you take your devices to a recycling center, you’re ultimately preventing waste from building in a landfill.

Invest in Quality

When looking to purchase new electronic devices or home office supplies, your top priority is probably price. However, sometimes a lower price means lower quality. Before you purchase a new product, do research, and invest in a high-quality product instead. By investing in quality, you’re preventing fewer repairs and failures in the future.



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