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One of the things people are eager to get back to in their life is traveling. COVID has put a damper on their traveling, and millions of people are already working on travel plans now that things are opening up and the vaccination rate rising. Even so, there are safe traveling precautions that people should take in order to help reduce risks and enjoy a safe and comfortable road trip. It's never too soon to prep for travel scenarios, where survival and comfort could depend on having the right gear ready to go at a moment's notice.


Clean out your car! Change your oil. Check your tires for wear and proper inflation. Make sure all your headlights, brake lights, and warning lights function. Check your brake pads and lines for any excessive wear. If the trip is a couple of hundred kilometers and they look good, great! If you’re planning on attacking thousands and thousands of kilometers, this is a crucial safety component you should not leave to “good enough”—the fresher, the better. BRING COVID-SMART ESSENTIALS

Absolutely necessary right now—have a little basket of essentials at all times. Lysol disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, extra masks, and plastic baggies (for storing used and discarded items). Gas station pumps can be contaminated, so make sure you’re suited up and sanitized every time you hit one. KEEP A GEARBOX

Travel light, but not without the basics— cooking gear, hiking boots, extra food, etc. all handy during emergency situations or spur-of-the-moment adventures. As an extra bonus, you can move everything at once instead of fishing around in different spots for one thing. CREATE YOUR OWN MINI GLAMPING EXPERIENCE: You’ll be spending a lot of time in your car. Pack some great-looking coolers, an umbrella, some blankets, and towels, and chairs. Take your time to pack a picnic, and spread out, and enjoy every moment of every day. Road tripping is all about taking your time to stop, get out, and explore.


With the pandemic, we were told that our homes are the safest place to be. No one said those homes couldn’t be on wheels, which is essentially what an RV is. If you can afford to upgrade from an SUV to an RV, all of the safety measures used to keep us safe in our own homes, with our loved ones, translates to those homes on wheels.


Packing up a bag of food you don't normally let yourself indulge in is an easy way to add some excitement to your trip and make the vacation feel like it has started as soon as you pull out of your driveway. But also eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of sleep so that your body stays healthier and your immune system stays stronger. This will help your body combat germs and viruses that do make their way into your body.


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