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Yes, "Winter... is coming" but it's not too late to still enjoy the Fall season and get ready to transition -positively- when the powder starts to trickle.

Seize The Season: The season of discovering more is definitely here. Whether it’s discovering a new trail to hike, a new waterway to paddle on, a new road to take for work, or finding new ways to decompress after long work days, the possibilities that Fall brings are endless. And get ready to transition two Winter, without feeling the blues.

Stay Driven: If a vacation anytime soon is not an option, something as simple as taking a Fall or Winter drive, or visiting a friend’s house can be enough to jog your mood and refresh your outlook over the season(s).

Stay Active, Mentally and Physically: Do some physical activity, even if it's Gaming. Physical activity boosts your mood and reduces stress. Fitness-related gaming can make a huge impact on your mood, and sense of competition.

Keep Busy, with a Passion: Don't stay idle over the next few months and make yourself happy and busy by revisiting an old hobby or developing a new one-- like collecting model cars.

Get Clean and Stay Organized: Fall is the perfect time to work clean or work on any interior home repairs or improvement projects. It's easier to unwind and find peace in a clean and decluttered clutter-free home (or motor vehicle).



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