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The way we work has changed. More and more of us are now working from home and one thing has become abundantly clear – what we have at home for use in our “office” cannot hold up to the rigors of a standard workweek. This Spring, besides remembering to take yourself off mute before you speak on a virtual call, it's important to have all the tools you need to feel safer, healthier, and organized, wherever your desk is. Because when you feel better about your workspace, you work better too.

If you’ve been holding out on buying a desk for your home-- don’t hesitate any longer. Buy a desk and give your dining table, sofa, or bed a break and leave work in one place.

If it doesn’t need to be in arm’s reach, it shouldn’t be. The best gear for the desk space provides everything a place to go and clears as much additional desk space as it can.

The whole idea behind ergonomic gear is that it’s specially designed to relieve pain, improve comfort and increase your overall productivity. If your current mouse, keyboard, or office chair isn’t working for you, or it’s causing you pain, maybe it’s time to try an ergonomic alternative.

When people say “stick to your routine as much as possible”, they’re saying “organize your time in similar ways”. The most important concept about working from home is to create boundaries. People need some sort of structure in their day-to-day lives and creating physical boundaries between home and work leads to mental boundaries that help create that structure. For example, ‘commuting to work’ by taking a walk in the morning before sitting down at the computer.

These days, there’s little excuse for a desk that’s out of sorts. Your mindset is as much a product of your setting as it is how much sleep you get or how much work you do in a day. Keep a work area with things strewn about and you’re more likely to be strewn about yourself.


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