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The Narke Electrojet is unlike any other jet ski you’ve ever seen. True, it’s a jet ski and there’s not much that you can do to change up the looks of it, though that didn’t stop Narke. The Electrojet is more angular and flat than other jet skis—think the F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber versus a B-2 Spirit. What really sets the Electrojet apart is that it is fully electric. The Narke Electrojet uses a water-cooled three-phase asynchronous 45kW motor to propel it through the water. Granted, the Narke may not be able to hit speeds comparable to gas-powered versions—it has a top speed of 35 miles per hour—but the other benefits are worth the tradeoff. For instance, the Narke Electrojet runs in near silence, so you won’t be disturbing anyone, or yourself for that matter. The Narke uses a lithium-ion battery that takes about two hours to charge, but it gives you up to 90 minutes of run time. The battery is also removable, making it possible to swap it out in just minutes for a fresh battery. The Narke Electrojet seats two on its carbon fiber body and features a digital dash display. While performance may not be able to rival gas powered units yet, it is an inspiring move toward a more environmentally friendly personal water craft that the market has needed for a long time.

- Via Man of Many


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