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As an idea and as a product, the Roku TV Wireless Speakers sound great. Roku helped evolve the streaming service game, and they’re set to take the next evolutionary step with their Roku TV Wireless Speakers. Made exclusively for Roku TV, the speakers add depth and dimension to the audio of what you’re watching.

Contributing to the high quality sound is the fact that Roku controls the software that drives both the video and audio of your viewing pleasure. That means that the sound can be optimized for the picture, ensuring audio video sync. The speakers aren’t limited to Roku programming, though. You can also use the speakers for any streaming channel on the Roku platform, live TV from an antenna, or other devices, like a cable set-top box. You can also listen to Bluetooth music streamed from a mobile device.

Set up is a breeze with wireless pairing between the Roku TV and the speakers using Roku Connect. With features like Automatic Volume Leveling, for lowing the volume on loud scenes or boosting on quieter ones, and Dialog Enhancement, for those hard to hear speaking moments, the speakers will make a big difference in how you hear your programs and movies.

The bundle is priced at $199 and includes two Roku TV Wireless speakers, a Roku TV voice remote, a Roku Touch tabletop remote, two power cables, and batteries.


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