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When it comes to movie cars, none are quite as legendary as the absolutely stunning Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger. But what made that vehicle truly stand out was its array of neat hidden features — like its rotating license plate and tire-shredding blades — all of which were unavailable on the car’s road-going counterparts. Now that’s going to change, however, as Aston Martin has teamed up with EON Productions to create an ultra-limited continuation series of that very car, spy gadgets and all. 

We’re not entirely sure if they really plan to include an ejector seat and the hideaway machine guns, but we do know the brand consulted directly with Oscar-winning special effects wizard, Chris Corbould — a man who worked on a total of 14 of the James Bond films throughout his career. That also means every detail on this bad boy should be perfect, down to its Silver Birch paint job. The one downside: this particular edition will not be street legal (but, honestly, who cares?). Only 28 of these vehicles will ever be made and, of those, only 25 will be sold to the public for a grand total of $3.5 million each. 

- Via HiConsumption, Sean Tirman


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