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While the classic and restored car craze still seems focused on SUVs, American Muscle, and European sports cars – it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more and more folks chomping at the bit for Japanese classics. If you’re already on the prowl for one, you’re in luck, because the folks at MZR Roadsports are already building bespoke restomods of Datsun’s 240Z. 

Available in one of three different models – the Classic, Sport, and Sport Design editions – these coupes are nothing shy of stunning. As you might imagine, the Classic is the closest to the original vehicle, with a period-correct appearance at the heart of the build. Similarly, the Sport incorporates modern technology into the vehicle’s performance – including engine options boasting 240-280 horsepower. The cream of the crop, however, is the Sport Design edition – which stays true to the vehicle’s original appearance but also features an array of unique and discreet modern features (like LED lighting, Bluetooth capabilities, integrated A/C, and more). You can buy one now starting at $90,235. 

Via HiConsumption/Sean Tirman


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