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If your mother, or a mother you know of, is a Caffeine Lover, than this might be the gift for her. And especially with 100 days of summer well on their way, a cool and refreshing cup of coffee at anytime can easily hit a sweet spot.

KitchenAid’s new Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an interesting option for coffee lovers. Grind coarsely and pour your favorite blend of coffee grains to brew in the steeper for 12-24 hours (room temperature or in the refrigerator) and let the grounds set by pouring cold water to ensure all the caffeine is released and than on to the liquid of your choice. You can customize by adding milk, simple syrup or even ice cream for a treat. Just set a glass under the built-in stainless steel tap to pour how much you want to drink.

The device is generous in size (28 oz capacity), ensuring you get around 14 regular sized coffee portions. It's also well built and has a cool, elegant look that will blend well with your kitchen decor.

Once it’s ready, remove the steeper and leave the rest of it in the fridge where you can enjoy Cold Brew on Tap. The glass container lets you keep up with the amount you have left. The concentrate can last up to 2 weeks.

Not only is the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker an interesting item for cold caffeine lovers, it can also be used to brew cocktails or water infused with fruit too. Go ahead and make her some drinks for Mother's Day-- she's worth it!


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