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The city of Montreal has always set itself apart from other Canadian cities, both in design and culture. For many, even Hollywood, liken it to the 'Paris of North America'. I say it’s an aging Beauty Queen with a few more tricks under her tiara. For the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend or even February’s more than a decade-old holiday, Family Day long-weekend, consider Paris’ sister city as your getaway and Le Crystal Hotel as your base camp for a fulfilled escape from reality with that special someone or your brood of special people. Located in the heart of the city close to prime downtown shopping fair and just steps from the Bell Center, the Montreal Canadiens' temple, it is perfectly placed to connect you to the city and its beating hearts.

Montreal has a reputation for having some of the greatest hotels in the country, sometimes making it hard for chains to stand out amongst the group of lush properties but Le Crystal is certainly setting a unique bar by maintaining an essence that is a combination of modern service packed with classic rituals.

The hotel delivers what its promises: spacious rooms, perfect conveniences, and excellent customer service. Complete with modern architecture and up to date interior design, as you walk into the hotel, your eyes are greeted by a pleasant visual flow. You can sense luxury and convenience at your grasp.

As an unapologetic Car Enthusiast, I decided to forgo the complimentary Valet Parking service and stationed my premium Japanese SUV in the secured garage, to see what kind of rides lurked in the underground, only to conclusively feel like I drove into the carpark of a West Coast Rapper’s mansion. The lot was filled with colorful luxury sportscars and SUVs that should probably never feel the crisp air of winter.

One of the big things that separates Le Crystal from other hotels is that every single room is a suite— not your typical room with a bed and a bathroom. It's one of the best things ever if you’re an avid traveler looking to feel like you're at home. With multiple size options, you’ll be fashioned with style and comfort at your desired budget and square space. The suites also contain grand bathrooms with excellent beauty, hygiene, and grooming products, not to mention the perfect water pressure for a long-lasting shower. The beds and linens are completely comfortable while the rooms are also comprised of sliding doors and room-darkening shades that aid in maximizing sleep and/or privacy.

The standard mini-bar fridge is completely stocked with a very gracious amount of choices to consume. In addition, snacks will stop you from running to the local depanneur. In fact, all the suite treats and the available Room Service almost suggest that you should never leave your room (if you chose not to).

“Got Wifi?” For those obsessed with tech and their shiny devices, the Wi-Fi service is perfect and you can commit up to nine devices per room, if one or two are not enough.

Now, when morning comes, coffee is an essential for most, not to mention bacon and eggs. Breakfast (and Dinner) options consist of Room Service with a menu that is plentiful. There is also breakfast currently being served in the Espace Ste-Catherine, located on the 3rd floor of the hotel, from February 2018 due to renovations to the restaurant. For those who are hardcore Starbucks patrons, you’ll be pleased that there is a full-service store attached to the hotel lobby — grab a Teavana Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade in your pajamas, right?

If you’re looking to get away from it all after a busy morning, afternoon, or week, you can head up to the Ameristar Spa to relax or hit the pool which is located on the 12th floor. The pool and outdoor hot tub area boast one of the most gorgeous lookouts in the city— Jacuzzi-ing with a view.

Dinner plans? While I didn’t have the opportunity to dine in the hotel restaurant La Coupole which offered Canadian cues with a modern yet traditional French Canadian manner, there is news that in June, the restaurant will be revamped as The Siam, were guests will be able to sample authentic and refined Thai cuisine certified by Thai Select Premium - an honor awarded by Thailand's Ministry of Commerce. Plus in the area, there is an abundance of eclectic diners and restaurants that are just awaiting your party and reservations.

During your stay, you'll obviously see that design and luxury go hand-in-hand with Le Crystal but there is also a sense of relatability and affordability. The rooms are perfect and the staff are completely congenial- everything you could ask for in a quick getaway. If you’ve got some upcoming time off or travel plans to visit Montreal, I would highly recommend the beautiful Le Crystal as a home away from home; you'll feel like a King or Queen, whether you're a couple looking for a certain kind of romance or a family looking to stay connected.

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