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The Nismo Motorsport Division of Nissan has been around since 1984. So when Nissan decided to throw racing modifications onto the best-selling Sentra -notably the Nismo signature red-accented "double wing" exterior aero design and 18-inch wheels-, this mix was obviously in the works for a while. And I like it. Why not have some fun with one of the smallest vehicles in the lineup and do something unique, yet somewhat unnecessary? This version of the Sentra comes with a turbocharged engine as well as improved ride and handling. A retuned suspension and added body stiffness are just a few of the enhancements as well. And from my test drive, the feel of sharp curves to straightaways is noticeably different from the base or SR models. Comically, when a truck cut me off on the highway and I aggressively punched the extremely mild horn, I was instantly reminded that I was in a Sentra— nothing bigger but certainly bolder. MRSP: $25,998 (MT)


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