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Frank + Oak Style Plan is a new monthly clothing subscription!

Style Plan is the new and easy Frank + Oak service that offers great styles at a low cost. When you subscribe to Style Plan you can get up to 4 personalized recommendations for $79 USD ($89 CAD) every month or every two months. You choose the items you want to receive and when you want them.

With the Style Plan, you pay a monthly price of $79 USD ($89 CAD), and in exchange you’ll receive 5 tokens. These tokens can be traded in for items from your Style Plan recommendations page. Using tokens allows you to save up to 25% off our regular prices.

Generally, a crewneck t-shirt is valued at 1 token, 2 tokens for a button-up, and a pair of pants is 3 tokens. For example, with your 5 tokens this month, you could get a button-up and 3 t-shirts. The token value of every item will be indicated on the Style Plan recommendations page.

You’re under no obligation to use your tokens in a given month. Unused credits don’t have an expiration date and remain available on your account.

DEAL: You can save $30 on your first month when you use this link!

(Featured above: the Men's Blue Ash-leaf-print Cotton-linen Bomber Jacket In Navy - $79 USD / $89 CAD)


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