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With Summer just around the corner, many people are counting down the days. And with the 100 days of good weather looming, the possibilities of where to stay and what to do are endless. If you happen to have Canada’s Capital on your radar as a short getaway, consider staying at the newly renovated Metcalfe Hotel in downtown Ottawa, Ontario.

Located in the city’s Business District, The Metcalfe is within walking distance of restaurants, bars, shopping destinations and activities for kids of all ages. During the week, the hotel caters to a flow of international business clientele while on weekends it is an excellent residence for young couples and adventurous families. You can expect your stay to be calming as the area's foot and vehicle traffic is minimal and the bustle of nightlife is tapered to The Byward Market, which is virtually a 10-minute walk or a 3-minute ride by Uber. If you want to take in the sites like The Parliament Buildings as well as the many museums and galleries, the Metcalfe is located to make it happen, effortlessly. Hotel staff are also very flexible in customer service, offering solutions and tips to make your stay about saving time and making your money worth the spend.

Once you surpass the period facade of the building, you’re welcomed into a slightly stark and fashionable space, inspired by modern European design yet you still get a sense of of what the property once was. Unlike other hotels adorned who bright colors and warm luminescence, the interior architecture of the Metcalfe is cool and calming, offering an instant feeling of privacy and focus. Even signage for rooms and amenities are nicely stylized yet simplistic. And amenities like a small gym and pool, perfectly accommodate for a quick run on a treadmill or a swim to decompress from a busy week. If you want to take your personal training further, there are plenty of gyms in the area, not to mention the Rideau Canal where a run along the water offers a little tourism and local colour.

The Metcalfe’s history stems from an existence as a Politician's home during Confederation Era, to a Wartime property owned by the YMCA who purchased three adjacent buildings and constructed 97 dormitories, to later becoming a hotel managed by Indigo Hotelier in 2007. A decade later, it received a change in ownership and interior design by local, independent owners determined to make The Metcalfe one of the city's best. The renovations, to be completed in early 2018, are undoubtedly getting The Metcalfe ready to transform into an award-winning place to stay, anytime time of the year.

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