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A few years ago, Volkswagen debuted their Sport Coupe Concept GTE to rapt audiences at the Geneva Motor Show, and so it’s only fitting that they take to the same stage once again to share the harvest yielded by that very crop. Introducing the 2018 VW Arteon Gran Turismo, a sporty midsize sedan that goes big on power and design and falls somewhere between the relatively tame Passat and sexy but expensive Audi in terms of consumer appeal. It will be available in at least three variants and VW is also offering up to six different turbo engines to choose from.

Elongated dimensions, a low roofline, a wide grille, side air intakes and a raked rear hatch are just a few of the features giving the VW Arteon a bold, aesthetic edge over your everyday sedan. Among the engines being offered are a turbocharged 2.0 litre with 188 hp and front-wheel drive as well as a 276 hp turbocharged four-cylinder with all-wheel drive. Most if not all of the engines will be joined by seven-speed dual clutch transmission and three of the engines will be diesel. Inside the cabin expect state of the art infotainment including a 9.2 inch touchscreen and gesture control, as well as the latest in driver assist programs along with a VW digital cockpit on the dash.

The VW Arteon falls squarely and fashionably in line with a broader, emerging trend at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show of sporty coupes sedans with big grilles, sleek curves, innovative tech and powerful motors and engines. In other words, it would appear that four-doors in general are stepping up their game in terms of speed, design and power, and we can certainly get behind such a philosophy. After all, who are we to argue with speed, design and power?


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