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Die-hard Star Wars fans will be pleased to know that Disney just announced that it plans to open Star Wars Land at both its Disneyland Park in California and Disney World in Florida. Up until now, information has been scant on the new expansion. Now, Disney has released artist sketches of the expansion to give fans just a taste of what the new area will be like.

Disney first announced back in 2015 plans to add the Star Wars-themed expansions to its parks. Construction for the expansion began back in April of last year. Disney just announced an expected opening date of 2019.

The 14-acre expansion, estimated to cost $1 billion, will be the largest expansion to take place at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It will feature several new attractions. One will be the Millennium Falcon, a new ride that lets Star Wars fans command the well-known spaceship from the movies. An immersive First Order Resistance battle ride is expected to be the second attraction. Disneyland will also feature an exciting new planet in the Star Wars galaxy.

Both expansions are expected to include a huge marketplace with Star Wars characters. Disney recently applied for a patent for a lightsaber-laser deflection system. We have to assume that this will allow Star Wars Land attendees to deflect laser beams live in the park, giving them the experience of being a real-life Sith or Jedi. Another rumor is that Disney plans to include interactive droids that will wander around the parks. Since Disney has not confirmed these rumors yet, they are just speculation. Stay tuned for the latest information on this exciting expansion.


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