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The original Nokia 3310 was a classic. Over 125 million models had been sold since it was launched in 2000. It had Snake, a T9 keyboard, and a nearly unbreakable design. No camera. No touchscreen. No apps. And people loved them. Now, 17 years later, Nokia is reinventing the iconic phone — and they’re calling it the Nokia 3310 (again).

The revived Nokia 3310 looks nearly identical to the original. It functions in much the same way too, calling and texting as it was done in the early 2000s (using a T9 keyboard). And it also comes with Snake (in color!), in case you’ve been longing to play that again (but never thought to seek it out on an app store). However, users can now browse the web and tweet, albeit on its extremely small (2.4-inch) and low-res (240 x 320) display. The phone also includes a 2MP camera, whereas the original had no camera. It weighs just three ounces and comes with a battery that will last a month — yes, a month. All for a mere $51.

Obviously, the new Nokia 3310 isn’t meant to compete with today’s high-end smartphones. Instead, it’s designed as a dumb(-ish) phone to ween tech addicts off of constant connection — even if it’s only for a day or two. And since it’s so affordable, durable and efficient phone, you can expect the Nokia 3310 to be a big hit in developing nations.


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