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The world of classic film and TV viewers alike lost an important voice on Monday, when longtime Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne died. In remembering him, Vanity Fair’s own Julie Miller dug up this tribute from Osborne’s friend, actress Eva Marie Saint: “Try to say Robert Osborne without smiling. I love Robert. I love my husband, and then I love Robert Osborne. He is the best interviewer I have ever had. Of all my leading men (Cary Grant, Paul Newman), Robert is my favorite.” Tributes to Osborne poured in from film fans, actors, and journalists who drew inspiration from his decades genially writing and talking about the old movies he loved. “Been on set reporting all day + just heard about Robert Osborne,” our Rebecca Keegan tweeted. (She’s not very good at vacation, but we won’t hold that against her.) “His warmth, class and preparation inspired me as a film fan + a journalist.”


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