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It’s classic. It’s modern. And, it is bad ass! It’s the Honda CBR Fireblade ‘Angry Bird.’ And no, it’s got nothing to do with the stupid cartoon game with those little pissed off ball shaped pigs and birds. Nothing.

These unique and limited motorcycles from Honda are snarling works of art. With exposed components all of which are gracefully and beautifully assembled into something that looks just downright steampunk, the CBR Fireblade puts all its cards on the table at first glance.

If you like the idea of 154 horses between your legs, impeccable handling, and loads of cutting edge technology bent to the will of a minimalist artist, then you might need one of these. Did I say ‘might?’ Scratch that.

There’s nothing to get in the way of an amazing ride with this bike. There’s no saddlebags, no needless bodywork, no unnecessary chrome. No b.s. whatsoever. Even the rear view mirrors are slung underneath the handlebars in order to keep them out of your way- and they are quite small as well as being perfectly placed.

It’s got a hefty 240 rear tire on a minimalist swing arm, and is finished off with a handful of motogadget gear- that means miniaturized electronic components just to make sure that nothing, absolutely nothing, comes between you and the feeling of the ride. And just to make sure that you get the point of this amazing machine, they paint the chain plates tractor yellow. So there’s no mistaking the fact that the Honda CBR Fireblade ‘Angry Bird’ is 100% business.

If you’ve got a taste for classic cafe racer motorcycles, and are willing to feel fear, and Gs, in a curve- this is your bike.


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