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For many, the G-Wagon is almost a perfect car. Almost. The big bruiser of an SUV has always been an easy sell with its mix of performance, luxury, and timeless styling. The only problem is that it has never been all that impressive when it comes to efficiency. Sure, the diesel model helps, but that's not exactly environmentally friendly.

That's where Kreisel comes in. The company has just debuted an all-electric G-Class that utilizes two electric motors that produce a total of 482 hp. All that power brings the performance you would expect while maintaining the G-Wagon's off-road capability.

Just how fast? 0-60 happens in 5.6 seconds and as quick as it is, it can still manage to allow for 186 miles of driving range on a single charge. The car is currently in testing and Kreisel's first customer (and beta tester), Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be assisting in its development in his own Kreisel in California.


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