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Boeing’s first attempt at a car didn’t go so well… but with driverless tech evolving, it’s the perfect time to give it another go! The Boeing 777 (don’t be deceived by the name, it’s not a plane) is designed to be an extension of a carrier’s flight service once business class passengers hit the runway… and it’s entirely autonomous!

Named after the first plane to be developed entirely via computer model in 1994, the 777 would pick up business and first class passenger directly on the tarmac, delivering them to their final destinations in an ultra-lix cabin with creature comforts like an advanced entertainment display and interior spaciousness. Other features include Boeing’s own spectro lab solar cells, lidar sensors, and a pedestrian notification lighting system in place of headlights.

If nothing else, it’s a nice test before autonomous planes become a thing!

Designer: Pauline Mariotti


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