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There is a reason that fancy boutique stores are just that – fancy and boutique. What they are selling is important, sure, but how they are selling it is just as (if not more) crucial. Ford knows the value of this. Just look at their GT Ordering Kit.

After going through the application process and getting the thumbs up from the team in Dearborn, Michigan, approved buyer’s are sent this carbon fiber weave. Once the special racing latch is popped open, folks can skim through all of the swatches of Alcantara leather, wheel options, and paint choices they want. It’s hard not to think of this thing as the ultimate LEGO kit for grown men who have it all. These lucky car buyers can mix and match the interior theme of the car with the paint job, wheels, and racing stripes and even a place to display the custom VIN plate that comes with the supercar. Want one yourself? You can start your application process for this 3.5L Ecoboost V6 powered domestic supercar right over at Ford’s website.


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