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Bang & Olufsen specialises in products that enhance your environment without making wild gestures. You could put one of their devices in the corner of a tool shed and suddenly that tool shed would emanate with an unspoken aura of refinement. The latest masterstroke to emerge from the B&O labs is the BeoVision Horizon TV and like everything else they make it’s sleek, optimal, expensive and virtually guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to wherever you might place it.

The BeoVison Horizon TV caters to the modern day lifestyle and that means the utmost flexibility. With no effort at all you can mount the black aluminium frame on the wall or transport it on wheels. Expect seamless streaming from the Android TVTM platform (there’s also room to attach an Apple TV box) and superior image clarity that adapts to variable light conditions. Given that B&O already knows a thing or two about sound the Horizon delivers premium built-in audio thanks to the slightly angled placement of conical lamellas. Of course if nothing but tippy-top-shelf fidelity will suffice then you can use the Horizon’s Immaculate Wireless Sound to sync it with those fancy speakers you’ve been dying to break out.

To quote Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President of B&O Brand, Design & Marketing: “BeoVision Horizon is all about flexibility and connectivity, creating social spaces and sharing great experiences. This 4K UHD TV packs everything into one vigorous and beautiful solution that provides an extraordinary, yet casual viewing experience.”

If the BeoVision Horizon TV is joining your growing family of B&O products then you’ll be happy to know it integrates with all Multiroom devices from B&O and B&O PLAY. Helping you control your lovely gadgets is a BeoRemote One Bluetooth that like everything else from the company was designed with only the best of form and function in mind. Of course if this is your first B&O product there’s no need to worry because it probably won’t be alone for long.


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