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When the sun begins to set and air starts to cool during an extended hike there’s nothing worse than setting up a complicated tent at dusk. Fortunately, the Kodiak Canvas Tent sets up in a matter of minutes in the form of a traditional bedroll.

To set up, simply unroll the tent from its roll pack and within the span of several minutes you have a 6’8” long by 3” wide personal tent perfect for the ground, the bed of a pickup truck, or even lay it out on a cot with the same dimensions for enhanced protection from the ground. It’s built with Hydra-Shield, 100 percent cotton duck canvas for water protection, and features a silicone finish allowing the canvas to breathe. The poles are built from aluminum alloy, the heavy-duty 16 oz vinyl flooring keeps water out from under, and for warmer evenings the windows unzip to a screen to help with air flow. They also host a small awning to keep water out if it ends up raining. And for stargazers, the top rolls back as well to a screen for an under-the-stars experience without any mosquitos. And no need to bring along an extra sleeping either, as this thing comes with a built-in 2-inch foam mattress pad with an included flannel cover. So when adventure calls, be sure to grab this three-season canvas tent to keep you protected at night. Available now for $300.


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