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It may have taken more than a year but the folks over at Love Props finally finished this project: a legitimate Daft Punk Helmet that’s just as functional and life-like as the original. And while it may be a bit out of our league to build ourselves, just like any good Daft Punk fans we can certainly admire the year’s worth of work that went into this piece.

As a proper Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo helmets, the replica features all the necessary bells and whistles we’d come to expect. We’re talking custom PCB electronics, WiFi capabilities, motion and audio integration and detection, and upwards of 250 RGB LED lights. It took four months to design the model, four months to hand-mold and cast the replica to the exact dimensions as the original, three months to form the iconic visor, and a final three to integrate all the hardware and electronics. And lucky for us, or anyone with enough engineering clout to take on the task, Love Props was nice enough to publish a step-by-step guide on their website. Enjoy.


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