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Inspired after the age-old Native American Pit House, this modern take on an old classic works to utilize a similar methodology behind the style: that is using the earth’s mass to maintain heat through the colder months of the year. Think of it as a warm blanket, keeping heat maintained within the walls of the home.

Dubbed the Edgeland House, it’s a well-respected project by Bercy Chen Studio. It boasts a roof full of growth and extends seven feet underground. The result is a warm household during the colder months and cooler dwelling in the summer. The overall goal here is to raise awareness about the diminishing natural resources on our planet in favor of industrialization. And it’s with builds such as this, that the designers over at Bercy Chen Studio hope to prove that home development and environmental awareness don’t have to be mutually exclusive. As for the home itself, it’s broken up into two areas for living and sleeping and requires a walk outside to access each section. It’s a modern and sleek attempt to get man back in touch with nature, which in this case seems to work quite well.


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