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The 108M Mega Yacht concept from Norway’s Hareide Design asks only that you appreciate premium, eco-conscious methodology in your floating luxury water palace. Well, that and maybe that you have gobs of cash at your disposal. For the sake of moving forward, we’ll leave the whole “insane amount of wealth” needed to theoretically buy or rent this thing off the table and just pretend it’s available to us common folk. Now who wants to go for a conceptual boat ride!?

The 108M Is next level in virtually every way, and we mean “virtually” quite literally since this ship doesn’t actually exist in the flesh. It has a gorgeous roomy design based on classic mono hull ships, offering breathless 360-degree ocean views and seemingly endless stretches of open space. If you were privileged enough to own one of these babies, you could cruise the high seas with less concern about your carbon footprint thanks to the use of solar panels and lithium-ion batteries for shorter trips. For the longer trips there’s the option of using diesel-electric propulsion.

What the 108M Mega Yacht truly represents is a clean aesthetic and the use of forward-thinking technology to take something already quite luxurious to new frontiers of elegance and design. It’s the perfect setting for getaways with bikini models and outrageous weeklong parties. And for those friends of yours running late there’s a helipad because odds are someone owns a helicopter. So start saving now and hopefully by the time the 108M is built you’ll be able to afford that first down payment.


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