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Toronto-based Rakuten Kobo is no slouch in the world of e-reading. Since 2009 the company has been providing millions of readers with millions of e-books and they’ve established a very loyal and supportive following. What separates Rakuten Kobo from the (obvious) competitors is a veritable commitment to consumer satisfaction. So committed is the company to consumer demand, in fact, that their latest e-reader was designed directly after consulting with loyal customers.

You spoke. They listened. Resulting from the collaboration between supplier and supplied is the Kobo Aura ONE. Rakuten Kobo’s newest acclaimed e-reader includes modifications like an optimal screen size with more words per page, improved front-light technology that doesn’t burn the retinas while still allowing for night reading, waterproof capabilities and more user customisation than ever before. Sounds dreamy!

So far the reception for the Kobo Aura ONE has been absolutely phenomenal, which implies that every now and then customers actually know what they’re talking about. More specifically, not only are e-readers finding the sizable 7.8 display screen incredibly efficient and user-friendly, but they’re loving the waterproof feature and aggressive price point as well. Now we’re not telling you to ditch that Kindle, but on the other hand we’re not not telling you– does that make sense?


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