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The Tesla LMP1 looks like Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, and the Speed Racer co-created a vehicle.

The LMP1 belongs to the era where the internal combustion engine’s rendered obsolete, and everything has shifted to electric and electromagnetic energy. The LMP1 is Tesla’s hero for the Le Mans in 2030. I don’t use the term ‘hero’ lightly here, because the LMP1 looks like an absolute bad-ass! For one, it has 6 wheels, independently powered by 6 motors… and get this, notice how the wheels are in no way connected to the chassis of the car!!

It’s 2030, enter Electromagnetic Suspension, or those cool blue lightning bolts you see connecting the wheels to the car. They ensure that no matter the terrain, the cockpit always glides through without bumping around even a bit. Not to mention, they also look unbelievable! Has your jaw dropped yet??

Designer: Minjea Seo


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