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Last summer was the season of the Fitness Tracker. Not to be confused with thin bracelet watches, trackers hit wrists like new bling in both men and women. But for most guys, size matters in almost in all things, Fitbit has brought its A-Game with the newly released Surge. ​

The Surge sets itself apart from most trackers not only by affording a large, masculine watch-like stance but it also delivers helpful, all-business features that synchronize with a seamless app, like: GPS capabilities, recording cardio workouts, a 7-day long lasting rechargeable battery, music control, as well as call and text notifications.

Beyond those standouts, the Surge has a bespoke-feel after you've customized it to your liking, especially since it can be purchased in three different wrist sizes and colours (navy, orange, black). And if there's a lady in your life that gets jealous of your fine and functional purchase, there's a sassy collection inspired by Tennis star Tory Burch. Perfect for her too, to step up her Fitness Game.


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