I recently shared some shopping tips for finding the best, personalized gifts for every type of mom with Global Television Montreal’s Laura Casella.

Here are some more tips and ideas to stray from flowers and chocolates:

Re-Think Petal Pushing:

  • It’s time to re-think those shopping habits: almost half of all Canadians gift flowers for Mother’s Day (49 percent) but only 2 in 5 moms (37 percent) would actually like to receive flowers.

What Mom Really Wants:

  • Whether dining out, making her favourite meal from scratch or wearing PJs and ordering in, 53 percent of Canadian moms want dinner and 36 percent of Canadian moms want brunch. But even though over half of all Canadian moms (53 percent) would like dinner for Mother’s Day only 35 percent of respondent’s gift mom dinner.

The Millennial Mom:

  • Gift-givers aren’t listening! Millennial moms prefer to receive experience-based gifts for Mother’s Day such as dinner (60 percent), brunch (45 percent), a spa day (60 percent) or simply alone time (52 percent). However, only 35 percent of Canadians say they typically gift dinner, 19 percent gift brunch, 9 percent gift a spa day and 11 percent are gift alone time.

The Burdened Budget:

  • Only 15 percent of Canadians always follow a budget when it comes to Mother’s Day shopping and almost 2 in 5 (39 percent) do not set aside a specific budget for Mother’s Day spending. Occasion spending is a crucial factor in building a budget and one that is often not accounted for. Setting aside a pre-determined amount for Mother’s Day will take some stress of your wallet when it comes to occasion spending.

If you're looking to grab some of the items I shared on the show, click on the links below:

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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Hallmark Signature and Wonderfolds Cards

To help plan for smarter spending through the year, here are some tips recommended by Capital One:


Mom doesn’t want over-the-top gifts for Mother’s Day, she wants easy-to-gift, practical things – like dinner or brunch. Can’t afford mom’s favourite restaurant? Recreate her favourite meal at home instead. She’ll appreciate the effort – and lack of dishes – and she’ll be smiling from ear to ear.


There are a number of annual celebrations that happen throughout the year from birthdays to Mother’s Day so be prepared. Whether you’re building your budget on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, these dates are constant. Don’t abandon your financial smarts – set aside a specific amount for these celebrations and occasions. Things that don’t need to be a surprise to your budget, shouldn’t be.


Cut costs where possible to ensure you’re sticking to your pre-set budget. If you’re taking mom for brunch or dinner, try walking to that new spot in your neighborhood and save on parking.


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