We all know the city of Montreal has its own urban charm and trendy flair. As a ville that separates itself from the rest of the mega-cities across Canada, it remains unique in urban sprawl and architecture, with a stylistic touch of French heritage. Coming from someone who has both lived there and explores this destinati...

Housed in a 125 year-old building and historic landmark with a rich and storied past, The Broadview Hotel is an iconic gateway to the city’s most captivating neighbourhood. Each boutique guestrooms is refreshingly unique, and fully outfitted with luxury linens, a vinyl record player and a mini-bar offering their favourite...

When @Sears_Canada asked me if I wanted to try out some pieces from their new Sears Private Label Collection, I was very curious. "How is Sears going to impress me?" And "how am I going to put their new gear to the test?" The only ways I know how: RIDE. STYLE. And PROFILE. Inspired by Skateboard legends Mark Gonzales and...

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