When BMW started producing more and more of what their maturing and not-so mature clients were looking for, mainly crossovers, the onslaught of SAVs and variations of sports sedans started a grand tour with no end in sight. You could say that the brand's on an adventure of its own to create as may sellable variants as pos...

My number of visits to Winnipeg, Manitoba seems to be growing and with every passing opportunity to visit “Chicago North”, I certainly feel the cool wind and some warmth, in the best of ways. If you’ve never been to Winnipeg, it's worth the visit, whether short or even shorter. As a mid-west Canadian city with a rich hist...

As we evolve into individuals with highly specific taste, needs, and pet peeves, we make changes and alterations to our lifestyle that require a certain kind of tailoring, designed to suit our daily routines, the company of friends and cargo in tow, not to mention families. Some of us might disagree with the expression "w...

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to contribute to an amazing show on the Discovery Channel called 'How It's Made: Dream Cars', where I told the stories from beginning to the end of how some of the most exotic Supercars and luxury Sport Cars from around the world were constructed and customized for enthusiasts.

One of...

Daring in conception, powerful in performance, and true to the spirit of the LF-LC Concept that inspired it, the Lexus LC 500  is a new phase of AH-mazing. From the all-new rear wheel drive platform to the available 471 HP gas engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, to the wind-cheating chassis and low profile tires,...

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